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We are Advocate Tax & Accounting

At Advocate Tax & Accounting, we provide services in the areas of book keeping, tax planning, tax preparation, tax filing and financial consulting. We are proactive about making sure that you are in the best financial position. This means being proactive with tax planning to save you money, providing financial consulting to ensure that you are getting the most out of your business and providing accurate financial records so that you have a clear picture of where you have been and better determine where you are going. Our clients in Salt Lake City, Utah, Layton, Utah and Logan, Utah love the peace of mind that our services offer, and the money that we help them save.

Our services.


Let us take the headache out of small business and personal taxes. Our clients are confident that they are compliant, but still saving as much money as possible.


Our bookkeeping clients are confident that their financials are up-to-date and accurate. This allows them to make well informed decisions in a timely manner.

Financial Consulting

We help our clients interpret their financials and extrapolate the trends and data into actionable information.


We are the best option for all of your accounting needs. We help clients stay compliant while saving them as much money as legally possible.

Experienced Accounting Professionals

As you will quickly come to find out, our accounting professionals are highly experienced. Our primary goal is to help our small business clients, and personal tax clients, save as much money as possible. This is the reason that we are so selective when it comes to choosing our tax and accounting professionals. We want you to experience peace of mind because you know that you are saving the maximum amount legally possible when working with one of our tax professionals or accounting professionals.

Our Locations

Our goal at Advocate Tax & Accounting is to make things as convenient as possible for our clients. This is the reason that we have multiple offices throughout Utah. In fact, we are so committed to providing convenience, we will even send our professionals to you when that is more convenient. We know that taxes are probably never going to make it onto your list of fun things to do, but we make the process far less painful by saving you money and adding convenience.